Combat XTactical Shotgun

Product Details

  • System: Pump - Action
  • Model: Combat X
  • Chamber: 3" (76 mm)
  • Gauge: 12-gauge
  • Barrel Length: 18" (46 cm) - 20" (51 cm) / 14" (36cm) - 16" (41cm)
  • Magazine Capacity: 4+1 / 7+1
  • Chokes: Cyclinder Choke / Muzzle Break
  • Receiver: Black / Gray / Bronze / Camo
  • Finish: Matt
  • Stock & Fore-end: Telescopic Stock / Synthetic / Pistol Grip
  • Barrel Rib: Metal Sights
  • Overall Length:max. 75 cm / 96 cm / 106 cm
  • Average Weight:2,80 kgs / 3,10 kgs

Product Description

*12-gauge, 3 (76 mm) chamber , pump-action shotgun with slide action performance.

*Combat’s barrel is made from special forged steel. *Hard white chrome plated bore and chamber provides maximum durability for any kind of shot shells, and also provides maximum corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. Outside of the barrel is hard chrome plated again providing longevity, maximum corrosion resistance. Barrels are available in matt or glossy shine finish.

*The receivers of Combat shotgun are made of aluminum alloy which is very lightweight, but very resistant against high pressure. The black anodized receiver has a life-time coating and an extra durability. Glossy and matt finish receivers are available.

*The proven pump-action features rugged steel components. Rigid double slide bars are made from heat-treated steel to eliminate twisting and binding for faster. more efficient slide-action operation.

*The manual safety is conveniently located on the rear of the trigger guard. An exclusive safety blocks the trigger preventing the accidental discharge when the shotgun is found in case the shotgun falls or is dropped.

*Integrated swivel stud for quick and easy sling attachment and a rubber butt pad for recoil absorption.

*Telescopic and tactical stocks, and pistol grip stock allowing one-handed control and help steady the gun accurate, effective shooting when time is of the essence.