MarcoPolo 12Bronze Camo Magazine Fed Shotgun

Product Details

  • System: Gas-Operated
  • Model: MarcoPolo 12
  • Chamber: 3" (76 mm)
  • Gauge: 12-gauge
  • Barrel Length: 18" (47 cm)
  • Magazine Capacity: 2+1 / 5+1 / (10+1)
  • Chokes: Muzzle Break
  • Receiver: Black / Bronze / Green / Blue / Camo
  • Finish: Matt
  • Stock & Fore-end: Telescopic Stock & Tactical Fore- end
  • Overall Length:max. 73 cm
  • Average Weight:3,80 kgs

Product Description

This eye-catching MarcoPolo Pull Pub model shotgun configuration suits the role of a tactical shotgun. The action is located behind the trigger group and significantly reducing the overall lenght of the shotgun. As a result of the emerging capability, it meets also home defence demands. Semi auto firepower, mitigated recoil makes this shotguns cycles reliably with the right choice of ammunition. Holds 5 round and 10 round magazines, easy to add accessories onto the rail, different flash hider choices, can accomodate both 2 ¾” and 3″ shells are the advantages.

*Semi-Automatic Shotgun

*12 gauge, 20 gauge, .410 gauge.

* 2 ¾” and 3″ Chamber.

*5 Round – 10 Round Magazine

*MarcoPolo’s barrel is made from special forged steel. Hard white chrome plated bore and chamber provides maximum durability for any kind of shot shells, and also provides maximum corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. Outside of the barrel is hard chrome plated again providing longevity, maximum corrosion resistance. Barrels are available in matt or glossy shine finish.

*The receivers of MarcoPolo shotgun are made of aluminum alloy which is very light weight, but very resistant against high pressure. The black or white receiver has a life-time coating and an extra durability.

*A2 Front Sight Tower – Extended Bolt Release – Redesigned Bolt, Locking Block and Action Block – Metal Floating Feed Ramps, – Easy Take Down System.