PoseidonFull Bronze Over&Under Shotgun

Product Details

  • System: Auto Ejector
  • Model: Poseidon
  • Chamber: 3" (76 mm)
  • Gauge: 12-20 gauge
  • Barrel Length: 26" (66 cm) - 28" (71 cm) - 30" (76 cm)
  • Chokes: Cyclinder / Internal Mobil-5 Choke
  • Receiver: Black / White / Marine / Gray / Bronze
  • Finish: Glossy Shine / Matt
  • Stock & Fore-end: Walnut
  • Barrel Rib: 8 mm
  • Overall Length:max. 115 cm
  • Average Weight:3,25 kgs

Product Description

The traditional Eterna/ Poseidon Over and Under Shotgun has been combined with the highest
quality craftsmanship and rugger metal components, ta create this beautiful accurate and e/egant

*12 / 20 / .410 gauge, 3 [76 mm] chamber, over and under shotgun.

*Single selective trigger.

*Auto-Ejector or Extractor system . Auto-ejector is tor quick ejection of empty hulls and a faster
reloadof fresh shells.

*For positive primer ignition, hammers are driven by powerful coil main springs. The convenient
barrel selector allows you to choose which barrel fires on the first pull of the single trigger and
the second pull fires the remaining barrel.

*The automatic ejectors eject fired nulls when the breech is opened and elevate unfired shells tor
easy removal.

*Steel receiver with soft engraving and white nickel finish.

*Poseidon’s barrel is made from special forged steel.

*Hard white chrome plated bore and chamber provides maximum durability tor any kind of shot shells,
and alsa provides maximum corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. Outside of the barrel is hard
chrome plated again providing longevity, maximum corrosion resistance. Ventilated rib.

*The fully adjustable comb on the grand allows you to custom fit the stock to match your personal
stock requirements tor whichever target game you favor.

*Fitted a red-fiber optic front sight for quick and positive target acquisition.